Where can Ferroperm™ Piezoceramics materials be used?

This chart will help you to choose the right material for your application. For most applications, more than one material is feasible, so customers are always welcome to ask for our expert advice.

Suggested Piezoceramic Materials
Pz21Pz24Pz26Pz27Pz29Pz34Pz36Pz37, Pz39Pz46Pz52, Pz54Pz59Pz89Pz94
Underwater and Defense
Transmitters (High Power)
Recievers, Hydrophones
Generator (Fuze)
Diagnostic (Imaging, IVUS)
Therapeutic (HIFU/HITU, Surgery, Dental)
Combined, Doppler
Implantable Devices
Non-Destructive Testing
Transducers (Flow, Level)
Sensors (Shock, Acceleration)
Acoustic Emission
Actuators (Positioning, Valves, Inkjet)
High Power Ultrasound
High voltage
High Temperature

Applications for Ferroperm™ Piezoceramics materials

Our piezoceramic materials are used in these five primary markets: