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Bringing ideas to life

Whether your idea has been carefully cultivated over time within your own company, or it came to you in a flash of sudden inspiration during a seminar or conference, the path to bringing a new product, a new technology or a new service to life is a long and arduous one. Many great ideas remain simply that, ideas, due to the lack of either time, resources, expertise or experience. And even if you possess all the above, turning an idea into a reality is still far from an easy task. On the contrary, it is both difficult and daunting.

We can help you fast-tracking the process, aiding you at whichever step of the way, you deem necessary. Through our webinars and on-site training, we can assist you in conceiving and molding your idea. If you already have the basic framework in place, we can help you design and manufacture an initial prototype as well as provide an early evaluation of the potential production cost.  Finally, we can aid you in tailoring a high-scale production process for your specific product, so that it may enter the market and start generating value.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them,” Albert Einstein once said. Clearly, having sufficient expertise and experience in every single field all by yourself is close to, if not completely impossible. Therefore, sharing knowledge is a key factor in solving most problems. Ferroperm has more than 50 years of experience in developing, industrializing, and manufacturing piezoelectric materials. For half a century, we have been working closely together with customers and academia alike on a number of different projects and development programs. And all the experience and knowledge we have accumulated over the years, we are ready to share with you.

As IP protection is paramount to us, mutual Non-Disclosure Agreements will be arranged, if necessary.

From idea to production

We help you through the entire process in 3 simple steps.

Innovation hub for piezoelectric applications


You likely have tons of brilliant ideas. Filtering those ideas, however, testing their true value and maximizing their potential is another matter entirely. The opportunities today may be greater than they were decades ago, but the resources to bring ideas to life are still in short supply. We can help you to evaluate and filter your ideas, whether you need help with modeling, materials characterization or free samples, or you simply require input and critique from an experienced source in the field.

Innovation Hub has developed a series of webinars focused on piezoelectricity. Have a look here.

Bringing ideas to life with piezoelectric crystals


Proof of concept

Proving that your idea actually works is a key step in any idea development process, whether you need to convince your stakeholders or simply yourself. It is also a pivotal decision point, where you either proceed further with the development or backtrack to the previous step and revise your idea. We believe that close collaboration and partnership based on trust are key to successful innovation. To bring your ideas to life, we bring in our products, expertise, supply chain and network. We will also share the risk by covering 50% of the cost of the collaborative projects. Your success is our goal.

Within a Customer Ordered Project we can help you with:

  • the design of your product for a specific application
  • choosing an optimal solution among those available in the field
  • evaluating the performance of your device/technology and to help to improve it
  • manufacturing initial prototypes for proof-of-concept evaluation
  • Analyzing the market for your product as well as the potential cost of production

New ideas may require completely different approaches and customized solutions. If that is the case, we will help you with that as well!


Making a working prototype typically takes a lot of effort and resources such as time and materials. However, turning a concept into a product capable of being mass-produced often requires a completely different approach. The manufacturing process must be optimized, made efficient and LEAN-ed; minimizing the waste and maximizing the flow to reduce the end production cost by as much as possible.

We can help you in developing a production process and/or analyze the production capacity and production cost. If you so desire, we can also aid you in ramping up the pilot production to a high-scale one. We will happily make our production facilities available to you, helping you manufacture your new products.

How to reach us?

Feel free to send a request for more information directly to us at Together, we will find just the right solution for your exact needs.