Standards for piezoceramic materials

Measurement methods for piezoelectric materials are described in a number of different standard documents.
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EN 50324-1: Piezoelectric properties of ceramic materials and components, Part 1: Terms and definitions

EN 50324-2: Piezoelectric properties of ceramic materials and components, Part 2: Methods of measurement - Low power

EN 50324-3:  Piezoelectric properties of ceramic materials and components Part 3: Methods of measurement - High power


International Electrotechnical Commission

IEC standard 60483. (1976): Guide to Dynamic Measurements of Piezoelectric Ceramics With High Electromechanical Coupling


American National Standards Institute

Standard on Piezoelectricity:  ANSI/IEEE Std. 176, (1987)


US Military standards

DOD-STD-1376A: Piezoelectric ceramic material and measurement guidelines for sonar transducers