Webinars on demand


Want to learn more about piezoelectric ceramics?

Here, we have gathered all of our webinar episodes for you to watch or rewatch.

Webinars on demand

These webinars are currently available:


  • 1. Piezoelectric Ceramics and their Properties: Dr. Erling Ringgaard

- An introductory session for those interested in learning about the electromechanical fundamentals of piezoelectric ceramics.


  • 2. Applications of Piezoelectric Materials: Dr. Erling Ringgaard

- This episode explores the various technologies enabled by the direct and converse piezoelectric effect.


  • 3. Fundamentals of Ultrasonic Transducer Design: Thomas Kelley

- In this episode, key design principles for immersion and contact type ultrasonic transducers are reviewed.


  • 4. High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU): Dr. Tomasz Zawada

- An examination of the use of High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) in dermatologic therapy and  cancer treatments.


  • 5. Application-Specific Shaping Technologies: Rasmus Lou-Møller

- A sneak peek of several innovative piezoelectric technologies that enable for instance miniaturization, MEMS-integration and flexible substrate compatibility.


  • 6. Lead-Free Piezoceramics – A Path Towards Commercialization: Rasmus Lou-Møller

- This episode examines the current state and future prospects of lead-free piezoceramics as well as the restrictions imposed on lead-containing electronics by the ROHS-directive.


  • 7. The Piezoelectric Matrix Determination and Use for Modeling: Dr. Erling Ringgaard and Dr. Nikolaj Feidenhans'l

- In this webinar, we will examine the coefficients of the piezoelectric matrix, exploring how each of them can be determined, and how they are affected by factors such as temperature, time and frequency. Furthermore, we will provide instructions on how to establish a rudimentary finite element analysis model for use in dedicated FEM software such as COMSOL.


  • 8. Piezoelectric Actuators – Applications, Design and Performance: Charles Mangeot

- Here, we take a deep dive into the functionality of piezoelectric actuators, highlighting the strengths and limitations of various designs as well as their ideal applications.


  • 9. New Lead-Free Electromechanical Ceramics and Emerging Processing Technologies: Dr. Vincenzo Esposito

- Professor Vincenzo Esposito from DTU - Technical University of Denmark presents the latest development in the field of oxygen-defective metal oxides and their potential for actuation. Furthermore, we explore recent progress in the additive manufacture (3D printing) of piezoelectric ceramics.


  • 10. Modeling of Piezoelectric Devices Using SPICE and Finite Element Software: Dr. Klaus Brebøl

- Dr. Klaus Brebøl, managing director of Limiel España SL, offers best practice advice for establishing viable simulation models for piezoelectric devices in SPICE and finite element software.

Webinars on demand