Innovation Hub Webinars – Fall 2023

Join our R&D engineers on a guided tour through the realm of piezoelectricity as we once again host a series of free masterclass webinars featuring expert guest speakers from both academia and the industry. All webinars are free to attend and only requires you to sign up beforehand. The duration of each webinar will be approximately 1 hour.


15th November 2023, 3PM CET:

Measuring d33 - Pitfalls and Best Practice Advice

How to accurately determine d33!

The piezoelectric charge coefficient d33 is one of, if not the most important parameter for piezoelectric components. Measurement of d33 is typically carried out using commercial 'Berlincourt'-style piezo meters. This approach comes with certain downsides, however, and will occasionally lead to errors that originate either in the equipment itself or in the way values are calculated.

In this webinar, we take a metrological deep dive into the complications surrounding the measurement of d33 and present ways of circumventing them.

Presenters: Dr. Markys Cain, Owner and Director of Electrosciences Ltd.



29th November 2023, 3PM CET:

Textured Piezoelectric Ceramics - The Relationship between Processing and Properties

Understanding how processing steps affect end properties and performance of textured piezoceramics!

Textured piezoelectric ceramics bridge the gap between traditional polycrystalline ceramics, such as PZT, and single crystal materials. Created by adding seed crystals to the ceramic powder slurry, textured piezoceramics can approach the high piezoelectric performance of single crystals at a considerably lower cost, making them desirable in many applications.

In this webinar, we will discuss the connections between processing, preferred microstructure alignment and the electro-mechanical properties of the end material, focusing mainly on the Mn-doped PMN-PZT material family. The engineering challenges associated with each step of the manufacturing process to yield tailored properties will be outlined and linked to the ability to control the process in a repeatable fashion.  Finally, we will discuss performance parameter and material trade-offs for both transmit and receive applications.


- Dr. Mark Fanton, Research Associate Professor at Penn State University.
- Gerald Stranford, Senior Engineering Manager at CTS Corporation



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